There’s one fashion item above everything else: The jumpsuit, playsuit. Whether this item is being worn on the red carpet instead of a gown, or on the streets during Fashion Week worn by It-girls. We can’t get enough of the versatile one-piece for every situation. Jumpsuits happen to be the ultimate lazy girl go-to. It is an… More

Look-5-Beige Sequin Romper-Montaje

Pre-Prom Jitters!

Prom is lurking around the corner and everybody is on the hunt for the right outfit.But what do you wear? Do you want to make a statement or keep a more natural and romantic look? With all the stress of searching the right hairdresser, shoes and dress it is possible that you don´t know where… More


Sweater dress

Though the sun is peeping through it can still be chilly sometimes. Thats why the sweater dress is perfect for this weather! It keeps you cozy and warm, but still gives you that fashionable look and you look totally on trend! The lampshading trend. Lampshading? Yes! Lampshading is wearing anything oversized (like a sweater or t-shirt) as… More


Sparkling holidays

Christmas and NYE are right in front of us! It’s the cosiest time of the year. Unwrapping presents under the Christmas tree, the sparkling lights in the city and the delicious food that comes with it. It’s almost sad it is just once a year! But let’s enjoy it twice as much for that reason…. More


Make a statement

Accessories can make or break your outfit. A big necklace is perfect to finish your basic outfit. Especially with the holidays coming up we love to give our dresses an extra touch. And what better way to do this than with some big sparkling necklaces. If your outfit is basic black or a nude colour,… More


Top knot

It seems there´s been a new kind of knot discovered. The ones you probably make before you wash your hair or when you go to bed. The Top Knot. You just tie your hair up on your head quickly and that´s it. But by pulling up the hair from your face your cheekbones will appear… More


Warm winter scarves

The cold, freezy weather only means one thing for sure.. we need scarves! An oversized, soft, warm scarf where we can hide our face in when it’s too cold outside. It’s also a great accessory to finish your outfit so you probably don’t mind needing one. Comfortable and fashionable is what we’re going for. Oversized… More


Trending Coats

If the winter season sets in, we all begin to wear our outerwear. The comfy, soft, big or fury coats become the favourite piece in our wardrobe. Without it we won’t step outside into the cold, freezing weather. Your outerwear clearly is a piece you will use a lot, so it’s not unimportant to choose… More

red lips

A red Fall

The change of weather these days also lets us think about what kind of make up to wear. All those bright summer colours won’t give us the right feeling of season. I think of warmth when i hear winter and with warmth i would go for red. And it seems more people do! So  many… More


Feel glamorous

Do you know that feeling when you are in the mood to dress up like you’re about to hit the red carpet? You style your hair, put on your most red lipstick and got yourself a beautiful dress. Unfortunately there aren’t so many glamorous holidays where we can do this for.. But now it’s almost… More

Sneaker 3

Sneak up with sneakers

Everyone probably has one favourite sneaker. It might be Nike, Adidas, Puma or All stars. But this weren’t the first sneakers of course! The sneaker phenomenon started in the 18th century with Plimsolls! The name ‘sneakers’ came later and they came up with this name because you were able to ‘sneak up’ somebody with these… More

Bohoichic 1

Boho-Chic: The most trendy 70´s

The 70´s were a time of changes. The feeling of freedom was coming up and the society was changing to one where people could express themselves without any limits. Among other disciplines, fashion served as a form of expression. It managed to score a style that  honored the female figure of women and also had… More

Denim 1

Denim trends

Denim is always a good idea, but what to wear this season? Denim can be hard to combine with other clothes and then there always is the question can denim go with denim?  This time it’s all about the jeans. Some people might still have to get used to it but the skinny jeans will… More


Halloween Fashion

Halloween, the night of the spirits and the feast of pumpkins, is for us the perfect excuse to go out, dress up and live a night of fear. If you are trying to find the perfect costume for this weekend, but you don´t want to spent money on clothes you will just wear once, than… More